Welcome INN Mission Statement

Empowered by the Christian imperative to “feed the hungry,” it is the mission of Welcome INN (Interfaith Needs Network), a purely volunteer organization, to prepare and serve, to the degree that our resources will allow, at least one nutritious meal a day for hungry persons in South Orange County,California.  Without distinction or judgement, Welcome INN in concert with other community groups, is a responsible partner uniquely responding to neighbors in need.


More than 20 years ago, a group of volunteers began serving meals and providing some clothing to a group of homeless and working poor in Capistrano Beach. Food was donated principally by Mission Hospital and supplemented and served by a group of volunteers on the grounds at San Felipe de Jesus Church. After 15 years at that church site, our group of volunteers moved to its current location.

With many of the same volunteers and the continued support of Mission Hospital, St. Timothy’s, St. Edward’s, and St. Vincent de Paul, and other organizations, we took to the streets of Capistrano Beach and began serving out of the trunks of our cars. In March 2006 we organized ourselves as the Welcome INN, Inc. and began to solicit support from other organizations within our community.

Current Position

With over 400 volunteers we serve one nutritious meal per day, seven days a week to a homeless and working poor population of approximately 50-70 men, women and children at Capistrano Beach locations. Our volunteers are divided into teams so that we can share the opportunities and not place too much burden on any one individual. In addition, on Saturday mornings, we serve breakfast in Capistrano Beach through the generosity of several local churches and volunteer teams.

Mission Hospital provides much of our donated food, but we do have a team of volunteers who pick up bread, pies and cakes from local grocery stores, as well as donations from other sources. Most of our volunteer teams purchase and prepare the meals they serve.

Our Next Steps

  • Continue to invite other groups in the community to participate in our mission.
  • Continue to recruit volunteers to help us feed, clothe and shelter the poor